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Learn More About the Outdoor Lab Interns of 2020!

We're excited to welcome a new class of Outdoor Lab interns, each with a unique and interesting story. What do our interns do? Good question. Interns are often still in high school, or have recently graduated, and stay at one of our sites for a semester at a time. Each site gets approximately 10 interns per semester, totaling around 40 interns per year! Interns stay at the sites during the week and go home on the weekends. They lead classes, train high school leaders, and provide all-around program support. Outdoor Lab couldn't function without them!


Read more about them below!


Meet Jimmy Tran

High School: Wheat Ridge

Outdoor Lab School: Windy Peak

“Outdoor Lab has brought a new, profound passion of teaching and learning to my life. My favorite parts are definitely going to be hiking, star-gazing and astronomy nights,” says Jimmy Tran, a current intern at Windy Peak Outdoor Lab.

Jimmy goes to Wheat Ridge High School and was a high school leader at Outdoor Lab when he says his love for nature inspired him to become an intern.

He hopes to make a positive impact while getting out of his shell and becoming more comfortable with himself. Jimmy also came to enjoy other like-minded and bright individuals. We’re certain his clear passion for the outdoors will inspire many students around him!

What’s next for Jimmy? He doesn’t have a particular college in mind just yet, but he knows he would like to major in Astronomy. Thank you for your time, Jimmy! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Meet Cassidy Giles

High School: Bear Creek

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

“Outdoor Lab has shown me how to fall in love with living. I’m my happiest here, and I’ve never felt more at home with another place or group of people,” says current Mount Evans intern, Cassidy Giles.

Cassidy attends Bear Creek High School and says that she first heard about the internship program while serving as a high school leader last year. She decided she wanted to intern because being in the outdoors is where she feels like she belongs. 

Cassidy plans to take the experience she’s gained with Outdoor Lab to pursue a career in secondary childhood education. She’s currently considering the University of Northern Colorado.

Thank you for all you do for Outdoor Lab, Cassidy! We’re excited to see where your journey will take you.

Meet Dylan Hess

Outdoor Lab School: Windy Peak

High School: Wheat Ridge 

Dylan is currently an intern for the second time - he chose to return for another semester to transform lives and make an impact in the program. He also knows these interactions will impact him in profound ways.

Dylan went to Wheat Ridge High School and learned about the internship program while serving as a high school leader. He now attends the University of Northern Colorado and is currently majoring in Special Education.

Dylan says that he wants to make sure that everyone who steps foot on Outdoor Lab’s campus feels safe, heard and important.

Thank you for your service, Dylan, you're inspiring to many people. We hope you have a great mountain semester!

Meet Gabi Bowles

High School: Lakewood

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Gabi chose to be an intern because of her experiences at Outdoor Lab as a 6th grade student, at High Potential Week and as a high school leader. Her favorite part is making personal connections with kids and learning from them in return.

Gabi says that in addition to learning about geosphere, she wants to teach students the importance of taking care of both themselves and everything around them. She hopes to influence the kids in a way that they walk away from Outdoor Lab knowing that they can do and be whatever they want in life.

Gabi is a graduate of Lakewood High School and is currently taking online classes at Colorado Mesa University as a Kinesiology major. She hopes to become an athletic trainer to help athletes carry out their dreams despite the injuries they may face.

Gabriella, thank you for all of your time and continued dedication to the Outdoor Lab program!

Meet Jake Wright

High School: Wheat Ridge

Outdoor Lab School: Windy Peak

Jake goes to Wheat Ridge High School and says that being an intern allows him the opportunity to make a difference in others' lives, while also getting to enjoy the outdoors.

He learned about the intern when serving as a high school leader and several previous interns recommended that he apply for a position.

Once he graduates high school, Jake plans to attend college for engineering. Thank you, Jake, for your leadership and dedication to this program!

Meet Puurich Yip

High School: Ralston Valley

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Puurich Yip, a Mount Evans Outdoor Lab intern, says that his goal is to impact the students by giving them an appreciation for nature that they might not get at home. ⁣

Puurich first heard about the intern program as a sixth grade student and was then reintroduced to it as a high school leader. He chose to become an intern because, as an introvert, the program was an opportunity to put himself out there in front of different crowds. He enjoyed it so much that he completed a second internship.⁣

After he completed his first internship, his perspective about the world changed. Defeat was no longer an option for him. Everything happens for a reason, he says, and the only thing we can control is what we do about those things, our reactions. He learned this after experiencing a different way of life on the mountain. The sky was the limit.⁣

Puurich attends Ralston Valley High school and plans to attend the University of Colorado, Denver to major in Mechanical Engineering. ⁣

Thank you for your time and dedication to this program, Purrich! We are inspired by your story.

Meet Ariana Miller

High School: Wheat Ridge

Outdoor Lab School: Windy Peak

Ariana is a current student at Wheat Ridge High School and is interning at Windy Peak Outdoor Lab. She first learned about the internship opportunity while serving as a high school leader. ⁣

Ariana says that Outdoor Lab has helped her make connections with students as well as other interns. She says that it’s a great place to meet friends and forge new relationships.⁣

Ariana hopes to get a better idea of what she would like to do after graduating high school while she is participating in her internship. Her other goal is to help the sixth grade students make healthy connections with each other and have a fabulous experience.⁣

⁣Thank you for your time and service to Outdoor Lab, Ariana! We wish you all the best.

Meet Preston Fluekiger

High School: Chatfield Senior High

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Preston is currently a senior at Chatfield Senior High School. He learned about the internship opportunity while serving as a high school leader.

Preston wanted to be an intern because of the personal connections that he made with the staff and students. He hopes to make the students' time at Outdoor Lab forever memorable and he wants to inspire future leaders in our community.

Preston plans to attend Mesa State University to pursue a career as a secondary school teacher.

Thank you for your service, Preston. Best of luck with your next steps and keep in touch!

Meet Allison Hopkins

High School: Bear Creek

Outdoor Lab School: Windy Peak

Outdoor Lab is Allison Hopkins’ favorite place in the world. As a Windy Peak intern, she aims to impact everyone who comes up to visit. She hopes to make strong bonds with both the students and the high school leaders.

Allison is currently a senior at Bear Creek High School and says she first learned about the internship opportunity from Mr. Houston while serving as a high school leader.

After she graduates high school, Allison is looking to go to college and major in Political Science and Economics, hoping to have a career in Politics.

Thank you for your dedication to this program, Allison. We're excited to see what you will do next.

Meet Bailey Myatt

High School: Wheat Ridge

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Bailey Myatt, a Mount Evans intern, says her goal is to make the Outdoor Lab week absolutely amazing for kids, something they will remember for the rest of their lives. Bailey hopes to provide an experience like the interns did for her as a 6th grade student.

Bailey first heard about the internship program during her 6th grade Outdoor Lab experience. When she got older, a friend suggested they serve as high school leaders together.

Bailey is currently a junior at Wheat Ridge High School. After she graduates, she plans on attending Montana State University for a degree in medicine. She would like to work in an emergency/trauma facility.

Way to go Bailey! We can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds. Please keep in touch!

Meet Nick Maerz

High School: Ralston Valley

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Nick Maerz, a Mount Evans Intern, says he has learned many things from leading 6th grade students... things have helped shaped who he is today. His favorite part of the internship is interacting with the kids and making connections with as many of them as possible.

Nick first heard about the program from being a high school leader and from his friends that served as interns. He decided to apply because of how much he enjoyed his initial experiences. Nick still remembers HIS leaders from when he was in 6th grade, so he’s hoping to make the same impact.

Outdoor Lab has been life changing for him, and now he wants to spend as much time as possible there.

Nick graduated from Ralston Valley High School and is now a student at Red Rocks Community College studying Psychology. Thank you for your time, Nick, and best of luck in your next steps.

Meet Dylan O'Neill

High School: Golden

Outdoor Lab School: Mount Evans

Dylan applied for his internship after serving a week as a high school leader and hearing about the intern experience from one of his friends. That's all he needed to want to apply, he says. He knew the impact he could make.

Dylan has enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people while getting to participate in a lifestyle that is "less stressful and more fun" than the typical high school experience.

Dylan attends Golden High School. After graduating, he would like to go to Western Washington University. He wants to major in Marine Biology or Chemistry and help tackle global warming.

Thank you for your continued stewardship, Dylan! We wish you well on your next journey.