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May 2018 Newsletter

West Jefferson Middle School students are charged with creating the perfect bag for Outdoor Lab!

Last week Outdoor Lab staff had the chance to see some awesome presentations from sixth grade students at West Jefferson Middle School located in Conifer. 

This year for their problem based learning assignment students were charged to create three ideations of a bag that could universally work for all students to bring with them to Outdoor Lab. Through trial and error of volume, size and shape students used math and science to pick their best ideation to create a prototype and pitch to the Outdoor Lab staff. These students created the perfect bag to bring to Outdoor Lab and were a great example of continuing stewardship of themselves, others and the environment in their community. 

Joyful Soul Counseling talks to you about #NationalMentalHealthMonth!

Check out this message from Jessica at Joyful Soul Counseling. 

"May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Joyful Soul counseling, PLLC is passionate about mental health and walking with you in your journey to increase positive mental health.  Mental health can mean something different to each person.   Mental health can be a diagnosis, physical, mental, emotional or a spiritual piece. Exploring transformation in our lives takes intention; to create change, move through change, adapt to change or live with a new set of habits includes connecting our minds, bodies and spirits.  Being intentional about positive mental health is not an easy task and yet if we commit to making one small change you can prove to yourself that you are capable of intentional positive mental health.  Change is the most consistent movement in life and takes courage to enter into. 

 Mental health has such a stigma right now in society. 1 in 5 Americans are affected by mental health conditions and Joyful Soul Counseling wants to end those stigmas and open up conversations that matter. Talking about mental health decreases the shame when life experiences cause mental health disturbances, trauma, or fear.  Increasing your commitment to making you a priority in a balanced manner is possible.   

 Call today to inquire about how to begin making small changes. 720-515-6385."


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Award-winning photographer at Outdoor Lab!

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Dennis Schroeder visited Outdoor Lab this past March. It was a truly amazing day and we couldn't have been more honored to have him capture the true beauty of Outdoor Lab. Here are a few sneak peeks!