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June 2017 Newsletter

The fun never stops... We are printing the student field journals!

Although the students may be on summer vacation, we sure aren't! Field journals are a huge part of each student's Outdoor Lab experience. Students use their field journal all week, writing down their observations of science, math, and other unique experiences in a mountain setting. 

The field journal is the only souvenir besides the memories the students take home with them. Many Outdoor Lab alumni still have theirs. 

To print field journals for ONE SEMESTER is $3,000. We need your support for this treasured keepsake. We need 30 PEOPLE to donate $100. Can you be one of them? 

June is National Safety Month: How do the sites maintain a safe environment every day?

Both mountain sites pride themselves upon maintaining a safe and fun environment for kids... and the examples of safety that are being taught at the sites are AWESOME.

High Potential Week was held at both sites June 5th-9th and there was a special search and rescue taught at both sites. The course included SARDOC search dogs on site for a presentation, helicopter and search activities, along with GPS search activities and site stewardship.

Food allergies are a safety hazard many students and parents are worried about when going to Outdoor Lab... but Outdoor Lab washes all those fears away with their preventative safety measures against food allergies.

Several weeks ago we received a hand written letter from a student who has severe food allergies. She made sure to thank us and point out how safe she felt even though she had severe food allergies. 

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