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Are we your perfect match?

Have you found your perfect for your employee giving program?

Have you looked into your employee match or employee giving program? We want to be your PERFECT MATCH.

Talk to your employer about your organization's giving program. 

It can be through...

  • Employee giving through pre-tax contributions- a fantastic way to reduce your liability with the new tax plan
  • An employer match- where they match what you give to Outdoor Lab, OR
  • They might even have a giving policy where your company would like to go further to support Outdoor Lab with an annual contribution. 

We want to help you every step of the way, so please visit our online pledge form if you are interested in being our perfect match. Click here to get started. Let's get matched today!

Don't wait to make a difference this for Outdoor Lab...

Our love grows for the program each year and people like you are the beating heart of Outdoor Lab. We have a couple initiatives that need funding. Our Youth Advisory Board needs support for their local and global stewardship project and our aquaponic greenhouse classrooms need supplies to get the curriculum rolling! 

Support Outdoor Lab instantly and give to these amazing, new initiatives. Donate now!


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