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Today Is Administrative Professionals' Day! Meet Our Staff

by: Mary Runkel

This #AdminProfessionalsDay, we recognize three people that we simply could not function without. They are the faces that greet you whenever you visit an Outdoor Lab site or office.

Administrative professionals are considered the "jill or jack of all trades", making them extremely valuable to any organization. They keep the books. Keep staff and programs organized. They make sure things are running smoothly and on time. Among hundreds of other things, they're generally efficient and adaptable! 

Meet Emily Kelly, Kelly Wilhelm & Roxanne Herzog. 


Emily Kelly 

is at the Foundation's office in Wheat Ridge. She does a little bit of everything which adds up to a lot of things. She manages the database, donations and runs our books. She is the master at the organization- she keeps our office beautiful and running smoothly! She says she loves getting to meet high school leaders on their way to their Outdoor Lab journeys- she likes seeing their anticipation and excitement!

Kelly Wilhelm

is the first face you'll see at Mount Evans Outdoor Lab. She's incredibly informative and helps with budget, payroll, ordering supplies and organizing meeting agendas, among many other things. Here's what she has to say about her experience:

I love working at Mount Evans and seeing how the 6th graders change over the course of the week. It's their first taste of independence and they need to rely on themselves to make smart decisions like dressing appropriately for the weather, eating and drinking enough so they have energy on the trails and settling down at lights out so they're rested for the next day. They arrive Monday nervous and unsure and leave Friday with the confidence that they can make good decisions for themselves.

Roxanne Herzog

is the first person you'll see at Windy Peak Outdoor Lab. Like Kelly, she helps with the budget, runs payroll and orders supplies among many other things. If you've met her, you've likely been inspired by her kindness. She says she's happiest when surrounded by nature and wonderful people- and that Outdoor Lab gives her the best of both worlds!