The Lab Cards Program is Changing: Here's what you need to know

King Soopers reloadable gift cards, as of April 1, 2019, have changed. Please read below for further info! 

You now have two options to fundraise for your student's tuition fee. You can purchase a Safeway Lab Card, or you can participate in the King Soopers Community Giving Program. 

The Safeway Lab Card Program remains the same. Keep reloading your Safeway cards to earn tuition money for your child’s Outdoor Lab experience. The King Soopers Lab Card program is changing. No longer will reloadable gift cards be offered, but you’ll fundraise for your child’s tuition fee with your King Soopers loyalty account. Here’s what you need to know: Your King Soopers card will stop working on April 1. All cash on the gift card will remain working, but 4.5% will not be donated back on any new funds loaded on the card. Do nothing, and we’ll hold onto the tuition money until your child reaches 6th grade. For your convenience,  we have tried to attach your loyalty card  to the Outdoor Lab Foundation. Please visit the King Soopers Community Rewards page to make sure it is attached. If not, you search "Outdoor Lab Foundation" to attach your card. Under the new program, 0.5% of your contribution will go to Outdoor Lab Foundation to cover administrative costs.

If you wish to opt–out or select another organization, you can do so at:

BUT, keep reading if you plan to fundraise with King Soopers, as there are requirements that fall on you as the fundraiser to get the money fundraised sent back to your student's tuition fee

Have you decided how you want to fundraise?

I am ready to fundraise for my student's Outdoor Lab fee the traditional way, please take me to the Safeway Lab Card page where I can order my Lab Card and the Outdoor Lab Foundation will manage my fundraising

I understand the changes to the King Soopers fundraising program, and understand I cannot purchase a King Soopers Lab Card. I am ready to manage my own fundraising. Please take me to the King Soopers Community fundraising page. 

I am not fundraising for a student, I want to fundraise for a specific school, or I want to fundraise for the Outdoor Lab general fund, to make sure the program continues to thrive. 

  • Head over to the King Soopers Community Rewards page if you would like to fundraise for the Outdoor Lab general fund or for a specific school. 
  • If you shop at Safeway, it's easy! Just buy a general fund or school scholarship Lab Card. Check it out


If you have questions about why the King Soopers program changed, please contact: 303.698.3403 or

If you have questions regarding fundraising for student's Outdoor Lab tuition fee, please call 720-403-8241 or email

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