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Calling All High School Leaders... Free Hoodie!

High school leaders play a unique and vital role in Jeffco’s Outdoor Lab program. Not only do leaders serve as positive role models for 6th grade students, they also guide students in a week long journey about self and environmental awareness. We want to celebrate the high school leader’s role and how important it is to the structure of Outdoor Lab. For the first year ever, a generous donor has offered to buy all remaining high school leaders this year a hoodie. All you have to do to receive the hoodie is fill out this form below. Thank you for your support and commitment to the Outdoor Lab Program!

Questions for the Foundation? Call us anytime at (720) 403-8241!

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  • **COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently, our office is closed to the public. Please fill out your form and your hoodie will likely be delivered to your high school