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Amazon Wish Lists Impact Outdoor Lab

Amazon has a feature that allows organizations to create a wish list of their specific needs, free of charge. Their process is streamlined so items get delivered right to the organization's door!

So, after consulting with site staff, we've set up one wish list for both Outdoor Lab Schools and the Foundation. Here are a few items on it:

  • Sunscreen (to make sure students are protected from elements)
  • Toothpaste (no cavities at Outdoor Lab!)
  • Water bottles (hydration is crucial at elevation & students hike up to 6 miles/day)

When supporters purchase these "smaller" items for us, it allows us to focus on the "bigger" stuff, like programming and ensuring all Jeffco students attend Outdoor Lab.


List will be updated regularly as needs arise. Items have priorities and quantity next to them. We're grateful for every SINGLE item purchased!

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