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Make a Gift of Stock

How Gifts of Stock Strengthen Outdoor Lab

Appreciated securities or mutual fund shares you’ve owned for more than one year are excellent charitable gifts. Each stock gift we handle strengthens our programmatic work while providing tax benefits for supporters.

Donating stock or securities offers a number of benefits:

  • A federal income charitable contribution tax deduction based on the stock’s fair market value on the date of the gift (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income) if the stock was owned for more than one year;
  • Carryover of the deduction for up to five additional years if the fair market value of the gift is more than 30% of your adjusted gross income; and
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax that is due when you sell appreciated stock.

Note: Stock owned for one year or less is considered a short-term asset and usually won’t produce attractive tax benefits.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call (720) 822-4425 or email

We reccomend that you consult with your attorney or tax advisor for the various tax benefits and restrictions that may apply to your specific situation. We are available to you and your advisors to answer questions or help arrange a planned gift to Outdoor Lab Foundation.