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Your student is back from Outdoor Lab... now what?

The student glow when they get back from Outdoor Lab is truly indescribable. They have newfound leaderships skills, a new passion for science and they have found new skills within themselves they can't wait to bring into their everyday life. A week filled with astronomy, archery, solar system walks, learning about the biosphere and geosphere and developing a true understanding of ICARE (make sure to ask your student what this means), the stories must have been, and still are, constant from your student. 

Outdoor Lab is so much more than a week on the trails, it is a life changing experience. We NEED YOU to continue this lifelong program and legacy. There are so many ways you can get involved and contribute. 

  • Save the date for After Dark 2018, September 29th 2018. 
  • Make sure Outdoor Lab is at the top of your list for this year' s Colorado Gives Day. 
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If you are looking for other ways to get involved with the Foundation, have any questions about your students experience or would like to talk about more ways to give back to Outdoor Lab, please email Paige, at

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