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Learn a Little More About Valorem Financial

Valorem Financial is a 2020 After Dark Sponsor, and we're grateful to have them. They're avid supporter of Outdoor Lab Foundation and one of their partners, Kim Gieseler, is the Vice Chair on our board. Discover a little more about them, below:


One of our owners, Kim Gieseler, serves on the OLF board as Vice Chair. She is passionate about Outdoor Lab as she is an alumna to the program. Kim is a native of Lakewood where she attended Mt. Evans in 6th grade and followed up as a camp counselor when she was in high school. She wants to ensure the programs continued growth so every Jeffco child can have an opportunity to participate in an outdoor experience.

1. Earning and keeping our client’s trust through open communication and transparency

2. Making sure clients' financial goals and concerns are heard and understood

3. Communicating with our clients with timeliness and transparency

At Valorem, our goal is to provide value beyond measure. We value your story, how you got here and where you are going. We start by listening to you and understanding your goals. Together, we then design a personalized financial plan and investment strategy to help you accomplish what is important to you. With our ongoing partnership, we work together to support and keep you on track while communicating timely and pertinent information that may impact your financial journey. We believe that trust is earned and embrace our fiduciary responsibility through transparency in our business and client relationships.

Valorem was created by the joining of two practices to bring different perspectives, backgrounds, and specialties to enhance our client’s experiences. This brings a dynamic that is impossible to have in the traditional one advisor, one team member office. We built Valorem to exist beyond us, so our clients can trust that their loved ones will be in good hands for generations to come.

As well as creating a wholistic financial planning strategy for our clients we are pleased to announce our new program Retirement By Design. This platform is a new management tool that allows us to seamlessly incorporate your retirement assets into your holistic financial plan. We are able to make trades on these accounts that are in line with your long term strategy. We are excited to be able to offer this valuable service to our clients.

THANK YOU, Valorem Financial!


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