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After Dark 2021: How to Dress for the Occasion

Here are a few style tips so you're ready for the event! We like to classify it as "Colorado Cocktail Casual" ... maybe with a cowgirl or cowboy twist. So bring on the jeans, boots, flannels and dress it up whatever way you know how. Take a look below for some ideas...

Your attendance is so appreciated:

After Dark makes Outdoor Lab, a program that changes the lives of over 7,000 Jefferson County students every year, possible.

After Dark makes many important endeavors possible at Outdoor Lab. Through this event, Outdoor Lab Foundation is able to live out it's mission through offering Jeffco Schools tuition support, helping to send over 40 interns yearly to the sites, and we offer site support to both of the Mountain schools. Our goal is to continue to that legacy, to promote and advocate for the program, and to continue to change the lives within our community each year.

Thank you for making future projects like this possible and helping Outdoor Lab make our children into stewards of themselves, their community and the world around them.