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About Us

It's not just a week on the trails, it's a lifetime.

The Foundation supports Outdoor Lab by investing in four strategic initiatives.

  1. Tuition Assistant Program - Making sure every student, regardless of their ability to pay, can attend Outdoor Lab. Making Outdoor Lab low or no cost to as many students in JeffCo as possible. The Foundation will specifically allocate funds based on each school’s free and reduced lunch populations and the associated tuition gaps each school faces as a result.
  2. Intern Stipend Program - Easing the burden of the Outdoor Lab Sites to increase pay to interns and making the internship experience more attractive and relevant for more students to enhance their resumes.
  3. High School Leaders Program - Investing in the caring young adult mentors who are vital to executing curriculum in the field. Supporting their efforts to earn scholarships and academic credit while taking part in a meaningful professional development experience.
  4. Site Support Program - Ensuring the teachers have the materials and supplies to implement fun and impactful programming, and that Clinics have the outerwear and resources they need to keep every student warm, dry, safe, and feeling welcome on site.