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About Us

Mission & History

The Outdoor Lab Foundation's...


Inspire community support and advocate for the Outdoor Lab Schools.


Enduring Program, Inspired Students, Cherished Sites.

What is Outdoor Lab?

Outdoor Lab has been enriching the lives of 6th grade and high school students in Jefferson County for more than 60 years. Located in the mountains of Colorado, Mount Evans and Windy Peak Schools give ALL students the opportunity to explore and experience subjects such as earth science, wildlife biology, astronomy and forestry in a unique mountain setting.

By engaging the students in problem-solving, team building, decision-making and social interaction, the Outdoor Lab program helps to prepare Jeffco students for successful futures. Every student is given an opportunity to attend, regardless of physical or mental ability or ability to pay. High school students return as leaders to help teach the program and have their own unique experience.

What is the Outdoor Lab Foundation?

The Outdoor Lab Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2003 to ensure the preservation and contribution of the Outdoor Lab program. The Foundation forges relationships with businesses, the community and non-profit organizations to fund the Outdoor Lab Schools. It is through relationships with all interest groups that the Outdoor Lab Foundation plans to sustain this program that will continue to inspire future youth as they become our scientists, teachers, engineers, business leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

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