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An Open Letter of Thanks to Dr. Glass

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July 30, 2020


Dr. Jason Glass

Superintendent & Chief Learner

Jeffco Public Schools


Dear Jason,

Please allow for us to express our appreciation of your leadership, partnership, and dedication over the last three years to our Jeffco Public Schools, our educators, our students, and our community. Thank you for listening to our community, for your grace in hard times, and for your calm ability to navigate a complex district, competing priorities, and for your commitment to hearing our voices and loving our children. Thank you for always reminding us to keep the main thing the main thing – learning. Thank you for being a true and engaged partner. Thank you for leading us to elevate our conversations beyond differences, beyond politics, and for constantly grounding us in the mission to serve all of our students.

You are a Jeffco Hero. We hate to let you go, but we are so privileged to have had you as our Superintendent. You began a journey with us – you inspired and captured a vision for success for all of our students. You listened to and engaged our community partners and families. We will continue to aspire to be the school system that demonstrates equitable and world-class educational opportunities for all of our Jeffco students.

You have been a true leader and partner to the Jeffco Schools Foundation, through speaking at our events to celebrate our student and educator heroes, providing an important connection between the district and the foundation, and through understanding the programming and supports we provide and the importance of those supports to some of our most vulnerable student populations.

You have been the strongest advocate for both the Outdoor Lab program and the Outdoor Lab Foundation (OLF). You made it a priority to attend all events, visit the Mount Evans and Windy Peak Outdoor Lab Schools, and most importantly, connect with OLF’s donors as a community member and friend. Countless times donors would leave Outdoor Lab events and express their sincere gratitude for not only the leader and Chief Learner you are, but also in regard to how good of a human you are as well. The Outdoor Lab program and Outdoor Lab Foundation will forever cherish the immeasurable impact you left on this Jefferson County Public Schools legacy.

While we will miss you, we are very happy for you. To be able to return to your home state, to return to your family, to give the gift of family to your young children, and to lead Kentucky’s state education system are all wonderful things, particularly in this time of uncertainty. We wish you the absolute best!

Thank you for all you have done for our Jeffco community!


In partnership and with gratitude,


Angela & Paige