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Attention: Special Note During this Unique Time

Thank you for visiting the Outdoor Lab Foundation website. We are currently open for limited office hours and by appointment only.  If you need visit our office, please call 720-403-8241 to make your appointment. Sincerely,

Outdoor Lab Foundation Team


Outdoor Lab has become a rite of passage in the Jefferson County area and a national standard for outdoor education programs across the country. This 62-year-old program impacts over 7,000 Jefferson County students each year and has over 385,000 alumni. There's a good chance you know some of them!

The Outdoor Lab Foundation plans to sustain this program that will continue to inspire future youth as they become our scientists, teachers, engineers, business leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

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"I loved every part of it, the teachers were great, the food was amazing, the hikes were beautiful, and the bunk houses were cozy. I would attend every day if I could." -Outdoor Lab Alum 

"It was a great opportunity to take learning to the great outdoors and help our young students have a greater appreciation for nature and science and our environments. Sixth grade is the perfect age to allow for some independence away from their families too! Wonderful experience and my children enjoyed every single second of their week outdoors!" -Parent of an Outdoor Lab Student

"Outdoor Lab put me in a new environment and allowed me to view education in  a new way. It helped me open up as an individual and lead me towards my career as a teacher." -Outdoor Lab Alum