We have so many reasons to be thankful this season...

Paige Brophy

This isn’t the classic appeal of feeling thankful only around thanksgiving…. I promise.

A program like Outdoor Lab allows us to be thankful all year because of the experiences it brings to the community around us. Between archery, day hikes, learning about the stars at the Kiwanis Astronomy Labs and really taking the time to grow and learn for a week in the mountains about yourself and the world around you, it makes this a one of a kind program.

Don’t take our word for it though… let’s take a firsthand look.

“Thank you for allowing me to experience Outdoor Lab. A specific experience that changed my life was archery.”-David, sixth grade student

Donations from individuals and organizations like Amazon Smiles buys arrows for archery class. Staffing and equipment management for this program can be extensive, and YOU are making it possible.

“Thank you for raising money for us. Without you guys we wouldn’t know much about nature or have the experience I have now.” -Kaylee, sixth grade student

Outdoor Lab is a once in a lifetime hands-on STEM education experience in the mountains. This can sometimes be the first time a student is outdoors. 75% of students perform better on testing in science curriculum after they return from Outdoor Lab. YOUR donations are making this happen.

“If it wasn’t for you. All the 6th graders from Stevens wouldn’t even go to Outdoor Lab. Outdoor Lab was a fun experience. I learned about stargazing and animals. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Outdoor Lab.”- Jessica, sixth grade student from Stevens Elementary

Over 32% of students in Jefferson County are on free and reduced lunch. What makes Outdoor Lab so special is all students go, whether they have the ability to pay for it or not. All students have the same experience. All students will learn about stargazing and animals. YOU make this possible for us to continue.

“Outdoor Lab was the best thing that happened to me in sixth grade. You guys inspired me to help children when I grow up.”-Jordan, sixth grade student

YOU make our future leaders possible. YOU inspire students like these daily. We couldn’t be more thankful for YOU, and YOUR donations. YOUR individual giving, donations through organizations like AmazonSmiles, make what we do, possible.

We could not be more thankful for YOU this season.

Are you looking for a way to give back to Outdoor Lab this holiday season? Amazon smiles is the perfect place. Check it out today. smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0293537

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