Sooper Givers

Enroll in our Lab Cards Program with a general fund card and become a part of our Sooper Givers Club!

Being a Sooper Giver is one of the easiest ways to support Outdoor Lab! Here’s how our Lab Cards Program works…

King Soopers and Safeway offer re-loadable gift cards that you can purchase from the Outdoor Lab Foundation for just $2.50 per card. These cards can be loaded and used every time you grocery shop or gas up your car at King Sooopers or Safeway. Each time you load the card with money, the stores donate five percent of the amount you load back to the Foundation.

It’s amazing how something small, like five percent back on a card load, can have such a big impact. Donations thanks to Sooper Givers’ cards help the Foundation address every day needs at the Outdoor Lab schools as well as fund some of our bigger projects like the construction of the new Greenhouse program.

Sooper Givers receive quarterly updates on how donations back from their card loads support Outdoor Lab. We also have prizes for meeting quarterly challenges! So order your card now and help support Outdoor Lab: Order online or call 303-982-2539

The Current Challenge:

Congratulations to the 58 Sooper Givers who earned an Outdoor Lab tote in our last challenge! Be sure to contact the office if you haven’t received your tote! 

The next challenge is to accrue at least $50 in donations by the end of quarter four. This means card loads between June 12-December 24, 2016 count. If you meet the challenge we will send you a $5 King Soopers gift card. What’s more, for each additional $50 in donations your card loads accrue, we’ll add another $5 to your gift card with a max of $20. (Example: Accrue $150 in donations will send you a $15 gift card!)