No resolutions, just momentum.

Paige Brophy

Just like you… we have so many thoughts and reflections that come with 2017 wrapping up. If you have been keeping up with our blog, which I hope you have, you’ll see that we had a recent blog post (put link there to link to it) of everything we must be thankful for this year.

Upon further reflection, myself and the staff at the Outdoor Lab Foundation realized we have so much more we want to share regarding the upcoming year.  

2018 is going to rock! We have so many exciting new initiatives and projects that are going to be rolling out, it will be a monumental and historical year for Outdoor Lab.

So, what are we most excited for?

For me, it’s definitely the Youth Advisory Board. The application for the Leadership Team is due right after the New Year. The Leadership Team will be made up four young passionate individuals who are going to create the vision and recruit the rest of their team which will make up the entire Youth Advisory Board. It has been incredible to slowly watch this come to fruition and watch the excitement grow for both applicants and our community. I cannot wait to see all this board will accomplish this year.

But you’ve heard enough from me, let’s hear from the rest of the staff…

Katie, the Marketing and Development Manager says “I’m looking forward to the Greenhouses and having them open to the kids at both sites. I’m excited to learn about the curriculum structure and what students learned in the first year of the greenhouses being available to students.”

The greenhouses have been a goal at the Foundation for quite some time, so to see this impact over 7,000 sixth grade students a year will be truly incredible for all of us.

We know you want to hear from Shannon, the Executive Director.  She says, “I cannot wait to see the first group of high school leaders scaling the high ropes courses at Mount Evans and Windy Peak, challenging themselves and preparing themselves to be leaders in the community!”

The leadership development that the high ropes courses will bring is going to be historical for this beloved program.

Finally, Leah, our the Program and Finance Officer...

“Looking back on where things were when I first started at the Foundation all the way up to now, I am inspired by all the things the Foundation has accomplished for Outdoor Lab as well as all the wonderful changes and enhancements coming to the program in 2018—from greenhouses to high ropes courses and more! One of the biggest changes in store for this next year is the 6th grade move to middle school. I am really excited to introduce all these new schools to this life-changing program and to help make the transition smooth for each one. Working with the schools gives me a direct line to families impacted by the program and the best part of my job is hearing how much a student’s week at Outdoor Lab changed their life. I can’t wait to hear new stories in the year to come."

Happy New Year!


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