Liliah Preston

Windy Peak Intern

New or Returning Intern: New
Hometown: Lakewood, CO


Why did you want to be an Intern?
I am an intern because my experience as a high school leader was awesome! Not this was easy, but it was the challenge I was looking for!

What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
Two skills I hope to gain from being an intern are communication and patience. I want to work on my communication and patience because I feel that if I can better communicate with students, my peers and adults; then I am setting myself up as a young adult. 

If you attended Outdoor Lab as a 6th grader, where did you go and what was your favorite experience?
I was a 6th grader at Windy Peak and that is when I realized my love for the outdoors. 

Did you serve as a High School Leader? If yes, where did you serve and what was your favorite experience?
I was a high school leader at Mount Evans October of 2015. The most memorable moment of being a high school leader was gaining a new appreciation for teachers. 

Do you have plans for after your Internship? If so, what are they?
My plans aren’t clear at the moment but I am searching for a program to be a certified Outdoor Educator.   

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