Laura Lewellen

Windy Peak Intern

New or Returning Intern: New
Hometown: Denver


Why did you want to be an Intern?
I wanted to do something meaningful not only to me, but to others- especially kids!

What do you look most forward to during your internship?
I am so excited to get to know all the kiddos!

What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope to gain more responsibility

If you attended Outdoor Lab as a 6th grade student, where did you go and what was your favorite experience?
I didn’t attend

Did you serve as a High School Leader? If yes, where did you serve and what was your favorite experience?
I served at Mt. Evans and I loved teaching my special interest!

Do you have plans for after your Internship? If so, what are they?
Hopefully going to CSU and becoming a doctor!

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