Jakob Fanning

Windy Peak Intern

New or Returning Intern: New
Hometown: Golden


Why did you want to be an Intern?
I really enjoy being able to help other people learn new skills, that they wouldn’t otherwise learn in a regular school environment. But I also enjoy being in the mountains, and the outdoors as a whole. Lastly, as of right now, I want to be a teacher, and I felt like this would be a good way to learn how to teach hands on.

What do you look most forward to during your internship?
I look forward to being able to work in an outdoor environment. But I’m also looking forward to working with amazing people every week, not just the windy peak staff, but also the leaders and kids that come up as well.

What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope to gain valuable teaching experience that I couldn’t get in any regular classroom, as well as how to work with different people of skills and ages.

If you attended Outdoor Lab as a 6th grade student, where did you go and what was your favorite experience?
I went to Windy Peak as a sixth grader. I think my favorite part of going to Outdoor Lab was being able to experience classes that you can’t normally like archery and navigation.

Did you serve as a High School Leader? If yes, where did you serve and what was your favorite experience?
I served as a leader at both Windy Peak and Mt. Evans. My favorite experience was being able to bond so close to the kids in such a short amount of time. You really got to help out kids figure out something about themselves and show them all sorts of new and interesting subjects that they hadn’t even thought about before.

Do you have plans for after your Internship? If so, what are they?
I’m applying to different colleges around Colorado, but I hope to get into Fort Lewis in Durango. In college I want to study both English and Education so that I could hopefully teach high school one day.

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