Instead of your vanilla latte….

By Paige Brophy

Do you spend money on that Starbucks latte in the morning? Don’t feel guilty, I do it too. Five dollars for a vanilla latte goes far on my scale of need to function, so I tell myself it is okay.

What about midnight taco runs to taco bell? Let’s be serious… I will gladly spend five dollars on a Doritos Locos Taco and a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, and I will only feel bad about the calories in the morning, not the money spent.

But… do you realize how far your $5 Taco Bell run or Starbucks latte treat really goes a year? Let’s say that you buy a Starbucks latte once a week, every week, for a year. You average roughly $5 per Starbucks, and with 52 weeks in a year, you spend about $260 a year on coffee… really overpriced coffee.

Think about the things that you could put $260 towards. A monthly car payment, a brand-new Xbox, almost 10 manicures, a couple nights on the town, the list goes on…

What if I told you, if you gave up one Starbucks per month, $60 a year, you could be changing the life of over 7,000 students. How did Outdoor Lab change you?

This is what the $5 club is all about. $5 continues to make Outdoor Lab possible for all students, and that they each receive the same, awesome experience.

It’s not all to Outdoor Lab’s benefit either, because this exclusive club has a lot to offer you. When you join the $5 club you will receive instant access to a private Facebook group, so you can network and join your community members that are just as passionate about Outdoor Lab as you are. Not only that, but you will get real time updates on foundation and projects we are working on, have the chance to help us make decisions for events and future projects, and even get discounts on tickets to After Dark!

Your $5 will go a long way, and I promise it is better than your caffeine boost.

To join today please click here, or if you would like more information or have questions, please email me,


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