I wish everyone knew... the story behind the facts.

Paige Brophy

Choosing to go to a university in Colorado gave me the privilege of meeting people daily that attended Outdoor Lab. It is a bond that can never be shaken when you meet someone else that had the chance to attend this amazing program.


When I landed this job and told my family and friends that I would be working for the Outdoor Lab Foundation almost everyone knew what I was talking about.


“I love Outdoor Lab!”  is the only thing I would hear.


But… have you ever had that moment when you had to explain to someone what Outdoor Lab was. You had to explain this incredible experience that seems like it just can’t be put into words. No words seem to do it justice.


I have.


These are familiar words to describe it.

It’s a week of hands-on STEM education in a mountain setting. It is character building. It is leadership. It is unforgettable.


Here is something everyone does know through media and the world around them… The current trends in STEM education.


·       4 in 5 STEM college students made the decision to study STEM in high school or earlier. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mobilequest-hands-on-stem-learning-experience-engineering-science#/



·       1 in 5 STEM college students decided to study STEM in middle school or earlier. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mobilequest-hands-on-stem-learning-experience-engineering-science#/




·        Most states had less than 40% of their 8th grade students performing at or above the proficient level in science. Colorado was not one of them. Colorado is above average. https://nsf.gov/nsb/sei/edTool/data/middle-05.html


When you take what they know, and what you wish everyone knew about Outdoor Lab, it becomes clear the world does know what Outdoor Lab is. Outdoor Lab is changing STEM education and creating the future leaders of tomorrow.


We must challenge each other to find people in the world that do not know what Outdoor Lab is and share our stories. Find the words to describe this incredible experience.


Our program is one of thirteen left in the country open to all students in the district. The time is now to share our story. The facts in STEM education are there, it is our job to put the story behind it.

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