“Extra, extra read all about it”: The Expo Edition

Paige Brophy

We have been looking forward to meeting the biggest brands in our industry for months. The chance for us to prove to the people that can truly make a difference for our students and program how important Outdoor Lab really is… and trust me, it was better than I ever thought it would be. The Outdoor Retail Expo was a SMASH!

When I first walked in I was crazy overwhelmed with how many vendors were there. I was worried that few would be willing to lend an ear to hear about our nonprofit and the work we do for Outdoor Lab, but it was the exact opposite.

Our team that went to the expo came home with a stack of business cards that are turning into blossoming relationships.

Some of these outdoor enthusiast vendors that are changing our industry daily are inspirational. My personal favorite was LifeStraw, a brand I haven’t yet had a chance to interact with until the expo. Not only are they encouraging everyone to get outside, but they are changing the world while they are doing it, and THAT is what Outdoor Lab does and strives to learn how we can do it better every day.

LifeStraw has donated to one million households in Kenya providing each clean water. This is something our brand-new Youth Advisory Board will have the chance to do. Not only impact people on a local level with Outdoor Lab, but a global level. Meeting the LifeStraw team was something we didn’t expect, but something truly inspiring.

Not only did we meet a ton of people, but we met even more people who were familiar with the Outdoor Lab program and had their children, or even themselves, go through the program. It proves that the Outdoor Lab program is leaving footprints everywhere.

The entire experience our team had at the Outdoor Retailer expo was so much more than we could have ever expected. Thank you to everyone who followed our journey on social media! We can’t wait to see what is coming soon.

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