Ellie Blackwell

Mt. Evans Intern

New or Returning Intern: Returning
Hometown: Littleton


What was your most memorable experience as an intern in your first semester?
My most memorable time at Outdoor Lab last semester as an intern was having the privilege to join a group on the All Day Hike (ADH). In order to be chosen to go on the ADH, students have to display actions of integrity, commitment, awareness, respect, and empathy aka, ICARE. The group of kids that I got experience this amazing hike with were all so unique and unbelievable. It was my sixth week of being an intern and going on that journey with that group of kids, really proved to me that I could be successful as an intern and I could change the lives of thousands of 6th graders. The hike was not easy but the kids were so encouraging of each other and at that moment, I knew that that group of students would change the world, but so would I. We all worked together to make it to the top and enjoyed the view together. At the top, we could see everything and going on the ADH convinced me that I wanted to return to Outdoor Lab for a second semester to be a steward of my community and pass on the message of Outdoor Lab.

What has been your biggest take-away from this experience so far?
My biggest take-away from this experience thus far is the unbelievable amounts of love I have received while being up at Mt Evans. I have received love from the visiting 6th graders when a smile stretches across their faces when they get to the top of a hike. I have received love from high school leaders when they are excited about teaching a class and dance in the dining hall with the interns while setting up for dinner. I have received love from all the visiting students and teachers when they give the interns a round of applause on Friday afternoons. I receive love from my other interns and upper staff when we support each other and celebrate our successes. And on top of everything else, I receive love from myself by taking care of myself by being here at Mt Evans.

What have your learned about yourself?
From being an intern at Mt Evans OELS, I have learned that I can and will do anything I set my mind to. There will always be hurdles in the path to success, but I know that I can take them on. I have learned that I can take any challenge and make the best out of them all whilst having fun. I now have self confidence and I have found who I am supposed to be. Due to this internship, I know that I am a leader and that I have love in my heart for every aspect of Outdoor Lab and the world in general. On top of that, I know that no matter what challenge a student is facing, I can support them and help them to the best of my abilities, even if I barely know them. On top of that, I have found what it feels like to love life 24/7, connect with all sorts of people, and form a personal connection with the earth.

What goals do you have for your 2nd semester interning?
A goal that I have for this semester is to teach students, all people that I meet, and even myself, to appreciate every moment in life, the good and the bad. Being an intern, I have seen so many new aspects of life and there are so many moments in life that people forget to appreciate. There are so many beautiful things to see and it makes me sad to see so many people walk right through life without seeing all these beautiful things. I want to teach more people to just slow down and smell the roses. Life is precious and so is our ever fading earth. Someday we will leave this place, but it will never leave us. Appreciate what you have. I love my life and this planet. If you need me, I will be out smelling the roses. (:

Do you have plans for after your Internship? If so, what are they?
After this internship, I plan on attending Colorado State University to study Health and Exercise Science. Colorado is such an amazing state and I am so excited to spend even more time in this beautiful state all whilst appreciating the trees. Because of this internship, I am considering on going into Pediatrics Physical Therapy or something along the lines of that. I am so excited to see what my future will bring and to see how this internship will play into my future.

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