Darby May

Mount Evans Intern

New or Returning Intern: New
Hometown: Evergreen, CO


Why did you want to be an Intern?
I couldn’t imagine a better environment to foster growth for both me and the sixth graders who visit Outdoor Lab. I could see myself at Outdoor Lab because, aside from the gorgeous views, there are beautiful people who care about me, the kids, the environment, and the legacy of Outdoor Lab.

What do you most look forward to during your internship? What is your favorite part about being an intern?
By far, the most rewarding part of the internship for me is the gratitude shown by the 6th graders. Sometimes the impact of getting away for a week, connecting and interacting with people who care in a new environment isn’t recognized for a long while after leaving Outdoor Lab, but the effect that the sixth graders do notice and verbalize with gratitude is what I look forward to most. 

What skills do you hope to gain or have gained from this experience?
I can reflect on my weeks at Outdoor Lab and notice skill growth in the professional realm as well as in the ‘human connection’ realm. I have learned how to communicate effectively with coworkers and superiors, manage my time, and be a mentor for other youth as well as how to show empathy and awareness for the needs of the sixth graders during their journey in the mountains. I can confidently say that this semester-long experience, interacting with students, will teach me more about life than 4 years of study in the classroom. 

If you attended Outdoor Lab as a 6th grade student, where did you go and what was your favorite experience?
In sixth grade, I attended Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab and my favorite aspects of that week were growing closer to my classmates in the bunkhouse and gaining role models in the leaders at Outdoor Lab.  

Did you serve as a High School Leader? If yes, where did you serve and what was your favorite experience?
As a high school leader, I attended Windy Peak in January of 2016. In that time, I got a feel for the excitement that the students bring to Outdoor Lab to create a unique atmosphere and decided I wouldn’t at all mind experiencing that varied atmosphere week after week. 🙂

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