Ben Kusnetzky

Windy Peak Intern

New or Returning Intern: New
Hometown: Arvada


Why did you want to be an Intern?
Becoming an intern for me was a hard decision. I love the outdoors and the outdoors is truly my home. However it was difficult to leave my friends, daily activities, and just the overall life that I got used to before this. Yes I love the mountains and I love the outdoors but that’s not why i’m here. I adore teaching. I love having the ability to share what I know and love. This internship has given me that opportunity. Outdoor Lab is also one of the most unforgettable experiences that Jefferson county will ever provide for students. The kids don’t necessarily remember the physics from Archery class or Point 3 on Geosphere, but these kids, the 1,600 kids that I will teach and of watch over this semester will always remember the feeling of home that Mount Evans gives and now that i’m an intern I get to be a part of the Mount Evans staff that gives that feeling of home. Everyone knows the saying “home is where the heart is” Mount Evans is home because my heart is here.

What do you look most forward to during your internship?
During this internship I look forward to growing as a person and giving all these kids an unforgettable experience.

What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
From this internship I hope to gain a greater understanding of my teaching and management skills, one of my possible job aspirations is to be a teacher therefore this internship will help me grow that skill.This internship changes you straight off the bat and in the best way possible.

If you attended Outdoor Lab as a 6th grade student, where did you go and what was your favorite experience?
As a sixth grader I went to Mount Evans and I stayed in Mt. Warren. My favorite experience was Bunkhouse time with all my friends. Bunkhouse time is essential because it establishes the “home” feeling that Mount Evans provides and it gives us as interns a chance to connect with the students on an even closer level.

Did you serve as a High School Leader? If yes, where did you serve and what was your favorite experience?
I was a high school leader at Mount Evans and my favorite experience was when I decided to become an intern. It was Thursday afternoon and Mr. Epp the Mount Evans Principal asked me if I had thought of becoming an intern, my response was ” I would love it but i’m just not sure…” Mr. Epp simply but purposefully responded with “you would be a great addiction to the team”.

Do you have plans for after your Internship? If so, what are they?
After the internship I plan on going to college and getting a degree in either education or Psychology. I plan on using the environment and all the tools and skills I’ve learned while being an intern in my everyday life.

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