Will You Be A Hero For Outdoor Lab This Halloween?

Paige Brophy

In the spirit of the Halloween season and the tiny superheroes that will be ringing your doorbell in just a over a week for a trick or a treat, we wanted to introduce you to some true Outdoor Lab heroes.

As I am sure many of you have heard, real heroes do not wear capes. This could not be truer when it comes to the heroes of Outdoor Lab.

The launch of the $5 Club almost a year ago allowed ALL of our supporters the chance to fly high like Superman and support Outdoor Lab in ways they never thought possible. The beauty about the $5 Club is it allows people to give in bite size amounts, and although it may seem small what they are doing, it is leaving a BIG impact. Imagine being a high school leader at Outdoor Lab for the first time... feeling both nervous and excited for this incredible opportunity. How would you feel if suddenly your radio didn't work as you were on the trail with a group of sixth grade students. $5 Club members take away this worry for high school leaders and fund supplies, like new radios, for our high school leader program.

This diverse group of individuals all have a different story and reasons they give. Some of them are in their first job right out of college. Some of them, as us millennials say, are “seasoned at adulting” and have been involved with the program for many years. They each may have a different story but they share the same passion. The $5 Club was the perfect fit for them to continue to be involved with Outdoor Lab. Is it yours?

Below you have the chance to meet some Outdoor Lab heroes. You can join them. This Halloween season leave your cape at home. Become a true hero for Outdoor Lab. Join the $5 Club today!


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