Inside Look at After Dark 2018… A Diamond In The Rough

Paige Brophy


The fan favorites are back and the surprises are endless... this year is better than ever.

What are some new surprises you can expect at this year’s event?

Well, caffeine will be plentiful. Thanks to a generous sponsor, Village Roaster is providing your favorite caffeine fix for the evening… coffee. You know what they say, more espresso makes you less depresso. The coffee break station will open immediately following the program.

Moovin’ and groovin’ won’t be an issue this year. One of Denver’s hottest bands, Stereo Clone, will be headlining that evening. You wanted classic 90’s music… and we found it.

What else you ask? For the first time ever, Outdoor Lab is really coming down to the big city and it is all made possible by Earth Treasures. At this year’s After Dark, drum roll please… there will be an exploration station! Earth Treasures provides a fundraiser for local schools and kids that everyone digs. First year schools earn 33% of their sales back. We are so excited to welcome this organization to After Dark this year and allow you all to get a taste of the student learning center experience based upon literacy, math and science integrating geodes, minerals and more.

What about the fan favorites?

Mount Evans’ own Jason Harding and Original Recipe band members, Jonny Miller, Todd Lilienthal, Mike Lord, and Dave Pucul are back to open the evening.

You loved the food trucks, so you can expect bigger and better. Of course, the open bar goes perfectly with these…

Most importantly, the fan favorite that continues to bring people back to this event year after year is the program that makes this evening worth it… Outdoor Lab. Don’t miss out on yet another incredible evening supporting a program that is a true gem in our community. Get your tickets today at


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