$25 does more than you think...

Paige Brophy

I am fresh out of college working my first job, and I couldn’t wait to write my first check and make my first contribution to organizations I am passionate about. Something stopped me before I could actually sign the check… where is my money ACUTALLY going? Is it going to something that will make me feel like I made a difference? As we all know, being fresh out of college comes with loans and overpriced rent, so being charitable isn’t top on the list.


This is exactly why I want to tell the story of donating $25, and the impact it makes on Outdoor Lab, so you feel confident when you sign the check and you know the impact you are making.


Many parents come to us concerned that their student will not have the same experience at Outdoor Lab if they go in the depths of winter. You do not expect that your child will get to the same activities as a student who goes in May.  This is not true, and a $25 donation makes it possible for EVERY student to have the same experience, hike the same trails, and find a passion for STEM education. With $25 you are able to provide a pair of YakTraks. They instantly provide better traction, confidence, and safety for walking, jogging, or hiking on packed snow or ICE.


I am an Outdoor Lab alumni myself… but YakTracks were not something that were provided when I went to Outdoor Lab. We went in the month of January with what felt like 10 feet of snow. I did not get the same experience as other Jefferson County students did that year because we were limited to what we could do. We spent little time outside and we never had the chance to hike the trails.


YakTracks would have made my already great Outdoor Lab experience, incredible.


Without your $25 it is hard to ensure that every student in Jefferson County has the same experience at Outdoor Lab. Let’s refuse to have weather impact a student’s week at Outdoor Lab, and YakTraks are one of the tools that makes this possible. They are the top safety feature these 7,000 students a year need that make each Outdoor Lab adventure the same and just as impactful.


Thank you for your passion, involvement, and your continual support to keep this program thriving! Now… let’s ensure EVERY student who attends Outdoor Lab the same experience on the trails. Donate now! https://outdoorlabfoundation.org/get-involved/donate.html

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